How to Order…

     Sterling Silver Bracelets have been the foundation of The Meixner Family Tradition of Silversmithing.  First made during WWII the bracelets became well known in and around Elbridge, NY

    Our bracelets are made of Sterling Silver and may include 14k yellow gold.  These bracelets are sized to fit the wearer  using a system developed by Hans Meixner.  Simply stated they go from small to very large in ¼” increments from size 5.0”-7.00”  with size 5.3”- 6.00” being the average sizes.  Larger or smaller bracelets in combinations of Silver and Gold as well as solid 14k yellow Gold can be made as a special order.

    Sizing your wrist for a good fit is the place to start.  An understanding of anatomy helps too so let us begin.  Nearly everyone has a knobby protuberance on the outside of their wrist just above where the actual wrist joint flexes.  And just above that knobby thing, the Ulnar Prominence, is where we will measure for a bracelet.  It is best if we can do this in person at a show or in my shop.  But we can be quite successful through the mail as well. Using a fabric tape measure wrap around your wrist just above the knob.  Have good contact all the way around but don’t pull tight.  From that measurement I can fit a bracelet. 

    Another way that is just as successful;  Wrap a piece of yarn or butcher string around your wrist,  Cut the string where it over laps and you will have a good example of the circumference of your wrist.   Email me the results of the tape measure or drop in the piece of string mail. 

Shipping and Handling

   I’ll have a bracelet in the mail to you for your approval, usually with in 24 hours.   If there is a special date you need the jewelry by and special materials have to be ordered, I will let you know when to expect the order.    Depending on the size of the jewelry order or your personal preference the order will go in the US Mail as a priority package and insured to cover missing or lost items.  Special handling such as registered mail or “Over Night” mail will carry just the actual, additional charge.

And this is how it’s done:

   Place one end of the bracelet between the two wrist bones and roll the other end over the top an into place.

Purchases can be made in person, at shows, or through the mail.  You can call me to set up an appointment for a shop visit at 1-315-689-9888.  You can also reach me via email at or you can find me at Old Erie Crafters on Facebook and send me a message.  I post pictures of the jewelry I am working on at the present, usually new designs, at the Facebook page.  I take cash, checks and credit/debit cards.